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    Jul 18, 2008
    iphone 3g wifi not working
    I have tested against several networks..same prob..
    It will only pick up the wifi if actually standing next to the router... keeps it for about 1 min then loses it..defaults to edge.

    I know it's not the networks as have also tested my MBP at the same time..and at home have half a dozen computers of various types happily connected to my router (belkin 54g..old but never failed me!)

    I have restored the iphone.. no joy. Reset network..ditto..
    Naturally my phone is just out of warranty...grrr

    Any suggestions before I do a 2 hour drive to the nearest genius bar?!?!

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    1. Call Apple first. They will make you go through much of that nonsense again, but this time there will be a record. They may even be able to fix it, or help expedite matters.

    2. If you do find that you need to go to the Apple Store, make an appointment first.

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    Jul 18, 2008
    Is it worth calling Apple when it's out of warranty? Sod's law it's 14 months old and I don't have apple care (never occurred to me tho I have it for my mac). I can take it to an apple store but have heard they charge a lot to repair and wonder if it's worth trying to find a local UK repairer.

    Thanks again.

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