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    Question Home button on iPhone has a mind of it's own
    For a while now my "Home" button on my iPhone has been sensitive barely have to touch it to return to the "home screen" and so on. Now the issue seems to have progressed... without touching the "home" button it flicks through the search iPhone menu, iTunes etc. it also closes my phone calls, my text messages and any app that is open. As everyone is aware it can be EXTREMELY frustrating!
    I took it to the apple store (oh btw it is the iPhone 3G) they said ya it is sensitive but didn't open it up to see if there is dust or something obstructing the button (I felt cheated on that come on ) then said this will cost $229 plus tax to fix the button I said no way I can get the new iPhone for that jeesh.
    So what I am looking for is a cheap way to fix the button myself is there a way to do so? what will I need?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Follow this link another member asked a similar question a while back, I think this will help you.
    It's a fairly simple process. just make sure you don't crack the glass/lcd.

    I just wanted to add, In your case it could be that your home button is pushed to far in. If so You can always buy a new (Ebay $10 or less)

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