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    iPhone 3G - White Faded Screen With Lines Across

    I have an iPhone 3G and its worked well up until now... Last week lines started to flash every now and then... but now its started to get more permanent... meaning that I can sometimes get the lines away by pressing the sleep button and holding it hard...

    This problem usually comes when you have dropped you iPhone a lot but I have not... So I wonder why?

    I have read a lot about the problem I am having (White lines are forming across the screen) and it usually means that you have to buy a new screen... But is there any other way?

    All help will be very appreciated...
    Thanks for you time.

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    You probably need a new lcd. If you feel like doing it yourself then you can buy one fairly cheap off ebay $15-$25 has a great repair guide online to take apart the iPhone 3G.

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    i think that you got dead pixels. Did you drop the iphone? Sometimes this could be fixed by a software. If you have some money and want to save your iphone then just buy a new screen just like batgsbeer said.

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