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    Are Orange Lying To Me...?
    Hey guys

    I went into the Orange shop yesterday and had £450 in cash to buy the PAYG iPhone 3GS 16GB and they said my contract sim card won't work in it...although I have had an Orange contract for 6 years.

    I pay £20 a month and I get 400 mins, unlimited texts, unlimited internet and insurance - and it's a 3G sim card as my phone at the moment is 3G ( have an unlocked Android G1).

    They said it would work for calls and texts, but not the internet (well, he said the internet would work for about a month then cut out) - although I have unlimited internet. They said I would have to upgrade and pay £37 a month to use the sim (£30 for line rental and an extra £7.50 for unlimited texts as I use about 1400 a month)...on the same plan.

    I didn't take the phone...but is this true? I can't understand why.

    They said if they sell me the phone and I try and refund it, they won't allow it as I have been warned. I just want to see if it's true before I am potentially £450 out of pocket!

    But I went into a different Orange shop, told the woman exactly what plan I was on and what I wanted to do, and she said it was fine to do so.

    Are Orange trying to get additional money out of me...?

    Thanks you

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    I would confirm by maybe phoning Orange support, or asking in yet another shop.

    If other sources say its OK then you may have got a dodgy salesman trying to fool you in to a more expensive contract
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