I think I may have fried my iPhone. Here is the order of events:
  • replaced iphone digitizer
  • proximity sensors did not work, phone remained touch sensitive when pressed against ear/on a call
  • powered off phone, removed digitizer, scratched off black paint from back of cheap digitizer (non apple brand, apparently!)
  • reconnected everything, again
  • screen flickers white (without powering on!) with some colored horizontal lines
  • force-powered down, then powered up
  • screen shows solid white
  • force-powered down, then powered up
  • screen shows solid black
  • no sounds work, the vibrate toggle switch works, phone receives calls, but will not ring, only vibrates (yes even in 'ring' mode)

So now My screen stays black-and-only-black. I was having trouble with proximity sensors and one of the times i opened up the iPhone i think i turned it on (not so hard to do) and therefore disconnected and/or reconnected cables 1, 2, & 3 with the power ON. now my screen was then stuck on all white, but is now stuck on all black... it DOES look like one of the pins on plug #1 is bent, but i've tried straightening it with a needle with no luck. Did i possibly fry my logic board?!? is there a way to test it?

The iPhone still syncs with iTunes as normal.