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Thread: 16 gig iPhone 3gs taking a long time to boot up

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    16 gig iPhone 3gs taking a long time to boot up
    Hey guys, I did a quick search and found nothing related. When I completely drain the battery on my phone and plug it in to charge, I find that it takes approximately 10 mins for it to turn back on. I've asked around and compared it to a 3g, and it doesn't seem like a normal occurrence. I just wanted to get other peoples opinions on it, it doesn't seem too serious, but should I bring it to my apple store to get it checked out? are other people experiencing the same thing? are there any simple solutions? thanks in advance

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    Havnt got iPhone but do have the iTouch ...
    Have you tried to do a restore ???

    Have a look HERE @ 's Troubleshooting page ...

    I had problem with SLOWNESS on my Touch and a restore fixed the problem and havnt had a issue since..

    Good luck and post back if it fixes it with your fix


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    Thank for your reply, but my phone is fine performance wise. It just takes a really long time to boot back up when the battery completely drains. I was forced to restore once, and it didn't solve any thing =\.

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    My 3g takes about the same time when it has been allowed to drain the battery. If everything is working properly I wouldnt worry about it.


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    To confirm there is no issue, once the phone has some charge (regardless of full or not), power it off and then time or take note of how it takes to boot up. Then fully discharge it and see if the time is significantly slower.

    With a fully discharged phone, the iPhone probably waits until it can sense that the phone has some reached some minimal charge before it starts up..thus the delay.


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