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    iPhone 3gs cracked screen
    I have a question, I dropped my iphone 3gs and the screen cracked it's still under warranty so do you guys know if apple will replace the screen for free or do I have to pay?

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    Just buy this:

    and replace it yourself......I've done it twice already......easy stuff

    here is a great site on how to take apart your phone depending on what you need to replace:

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    Hey I've read elsewhere that broken screens, water damage, and theft are pretty much the only exceptions to the warranty. I've been wrong in the past though.
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    I believe that Apple does have a policy regarding how much you can pay to have it replaced. But I'm not sure how much that is. You would have to call them or go into the store. A cracked screen is not covered under the warranty though, as far as I know. There are some 3rd party options out there as Z mann recommended, but many of them will void the warranty. There is a website called iPod Repair | iPhone Repair | MacBook Repair in which you can pay them and they can fix it. They are Apple certified, so as far as I know it won't void the warranty. At least that is what an Apple genius told me at a store once.

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    I've had 11 iphones. I can't remember all of them but I know each one with a broken screen was somehow replaced under warranty. Including my first iphone that was jail broken, cracked screen. Then I had the Iphone charger electrocute me (recalled) and broke my screen when I fell down (talk about questions!), another one was at work, replaced before christmas and several with hardware issues. I have 8000+ pictures, loaded with music etc. I use my iphones to the max and i love them. I think the electrocution case pretty much opened me up for instant replacements. As the store managers both know me since the incident happened. Last replacement was 3 months ago, out of warranty and the phone stopped working and day before I went it I slipped on ice and put a very small crack in the screen...

    ive had bad luck with screens... i know
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