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    Exclamation Backing up/Importing SMS messages from iPhone to Mac.
    So, I have some very important sms messages that I am trying to import from my phone onto my computer so I can save them as text files. I have a new macbook pro, only about six months old and it is currently running leopard. My iPhone is the 3G model.

    I realize that the popular freeware for this is Syphone, but it doesn't seem to work on my computer. Every time I have tried it, it will not see my iPhone and just says "No iPhone is connected" (or something along those lines).

    Is there any way for me to get these files onto my computer without having to spend loads of money in a way that is also not at a high risk for me losing them all together?

    Im getting a new phone soon, so I would like to try and figure this out. I tried doing it on my own and simply got horrendously frustrated. >< Help and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    You could simply copy and past the required messages to Note Pad on your iPhone and sync it with your Mac. Alternately you could copy the messages into and e-mail and send them to yourself. Your best bet though is to simply foreword the individual text messages to your e-mail address directly from the SMS app on the iPhone.

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