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    Dec 03, 2009
    Unhappy SSH: Just won't happen.
    Hello all.

    I've just been enlightened about the wonderful world of SSH on iPhone.

    Sadly, after trying to use both Cyberduck and Fugu, I just can't manage to maintain a connection.

    I looked throughout my iPhone and Macbook Pro and couldn't find anything EXCEPT... The ip address I found in SBSettings doesn't match the one in the wi-fi connection I use.

    Whether or not that's the issue I don't know?

    I'm sure there's a thread about this from 8 million years ago but I couldn't find it....

    Any help is much appreciated...

    Be gentle with me, it's my first time on here..

    ありがとう PorkPirate.

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    Dec 03, 2009
    I forgot to mention I'm on a 3gs running 3.1.2. Obviously Jailbroken.

    Spanks Much

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