Hi There!
I'm a bit confused about all the different types of iphone/ipod docks and speakers out there...I'm looking for a present for my partner for christmas, what I would like is something that charges the iphone, plays music but also syncs to the computer. The syncing part I was a bit confused by as for ipods I guess all you would need is to sync to itunes but I'm looking for something that acts the same as when you plug the phone in using the normal usb cable (ie doesn't just automatically sync to itunes but connects to the computer)...specifically he likes to download podcasts and put them on his iphone for the trip to work. I don't know if all of the "sync" docks do this or if some literally just sync to itunes.
Something that looks pretty cool would be good too! (sub $200) Doesn't have to have amazing sound...he doesn't play music really loudly...
Hope that makes sense!!!