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    Question Just got my iphone 3gs, one question
    Did anyone here use the Invisible shield from ZAGG, because i bought that as well but im afraid of getting my phone wet while installing it, so i was just wondering if anyone here installed that shield without any problems?


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    Personally, I have never been able to install one of the screen shields without getting bubbles.

    However, I am on my second iPhone and have never had a scratch on the screen. It's not like the plastic screens in earlier ipods, it's glass and will take a lot without showing it. So, I just don't bother with the "invisible shields".

    Now, if you have one that will cover the back then it would be worth trying to install, or use a case.

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    Put one on my 3G July 08 - followed uTube video and only used front screen. Been there ever since bubble free. Screen only has to be damp, not running with water and give mating surface of Zagg a mist and screed away from earpiece opening.

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    If you buy a screen protector at the Apple store, you can have the sales guy install it for you. If you're not happy with it, just tell them you don't like the look and you won't pay a penny. They won't give you a hard time about it.

    I bought one, had the Apple Genius install it, and used it for a week. I didn't like how my finger stuck to it instead of gliding smoothly across the glass. Couldn't get used to it. I went back a week later and told them I didn't like it and they gave me a refund no questions asked.

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    thanks for your replies guys, i will be very carefull installing it, i just wanted to know if anyone here ever had any water damage, but like "Collin BL" said, i wont soak the shield, just damp it enough for it to stick to the phone. I really like the phone, its my first time with an iphone and cant believe how great the phone is with all its features and apps.

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