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Thread: Iphone activates my cars alarm

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    Iphone activates my cars alarm
    I just started noticing that my iphone activates my cars alarm everything I get close to my car, I carry my iphone and car keys (with alarm remote) in the same pocket in my jacket. It's not a big deal, but has anyone else experience this before?

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    What car do you have? I've heard of phone interfering with key fobs before. Most notably Nissan, where a phone would essentially wipe a key fob's memory and you weren't able to lock/unlock the car with the fob anymore and needed to get the dealer to flash the fob's memory.

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    National Rental car told me very clearly before they gave me the keys to a Nissan Maxima to NOT keep the key near my cell phone or it would wipe the key fob and i would be stuck. it was nice to know cause i was going to a good distance away from anything

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