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    iPhone 3G not charging
    My family have 2 iPhone 3Gs. The good one will charge in both the iPod docks in the house. The bad one will not charge in either.

    The docks are:
    Philips Executive 30-Watt Micro Speaker System with iPod Dock
    Logitech Purefit Anywhere.

    The bad iPhone charges in the car on the Monster® iCarCharger and via USB when plugged into AC or the computer.

    The bad iPhone is 6 months newer than the good iPhone.

    The good iPhone charges in all the various chargers and docks.

    I've re-installed the OS completely in the bad iPhone but it's still not charging.

    Anyone else seen this? Did Apple change their hardware along the line?

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    The newer phone is the better phone... differences in the hardware and firmware don't allow all docks to charge. Stick to your wall charger, or invest in the iPhone dock.
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