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    iPhone Music Double-Tap
    So I just recently upgraded from an iPod Touch to an iPhone. I'm a big podcast listener and like to continue to listen to them while I play a game on my device. This was fine on the iPod Touch; even when an app stops music playback, I could just double tap the Home button and bring up the music overlay to resume.

    On the iPhone, whenever I double-tap when music isn't playing, it brings up the Favorites menu. This not only won't resume my music, but quits whatever app is playing! Is there any way to set the default behavior to music controls?

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    Try going to your settings menu, then click general, scroll down to home, and there should be some settings for the double tap. play around with that and see if that helps, hope it does !!!

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    I was able to change it to bring up the iPod app, but not the controls Looks like there is no way to do this within official platform...

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    The iPod controls will only come up on an iPhone if you're actually playing music. So you'll first need to go into the iPod app, start playing music, go back to whatever you were doing and then double tapping will bring up the iPod controls.

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    I just went through this today too. My work got me an iPhone which I'm trying to configure at least somewhat like my iPod Touch. The mini player only comes up if a song is actively playing (ie. not paused). I also had to remember that iTunes has awful defaults involving syncing, and plugging in a new device goes back to all the defaults. Spent a while remembering how to get it to let me control the music library manually.

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