I am experiencing many issues with my iPhone 3GS
1st: My iPhone makes a very loud rattling noise when I shake it up and down (for facebook)
2nd: It can hear a buzzing noise when I am making a call. The noise sounds like the typical GSM noise that you hear when using a cellphone close to a speaker but in my case I am not anywhere near a speaker. i can clearly hear it when I'm on a call.
3rd: The iPhone makes a whining noise when the screen is on. The sound goes away when the screen is off. The noise can only be heard when it is really quite or when I am holding the phone up to my ear.
4rd: There is a clicking noise coming out of the phone when it is on. The noise is not loud but can be hear when holding the phone up to the ear (for a call)

Does this warrant a replacement?
I already had my phone replaced twice, 1st phone didn't work at all and 2nd phone had battery issues (could not hold a charge).
Can I get a brand new one as I am really tired of the **** quality the refurb ones have?
I bought the extra Apple-Care.