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    2g iphone, at&t doesn't care?
    So i just bought an unlocked 2g iphone off of craigs list, and as soon as I put my SIM card in at&t already had it on my account - but I still have the option of choosing the data plan - I never had to activate the phone, so I never had to choose one - I can't go online without wifi, and really - online I can choose not to have the data plan! So my question is will at&t eventually override this and give me the data plan, or am I in the clear?

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    Did the same thing with the 3G I bought. Just used the SIM card from the free Nokia I got with my plan int the iPhone and it began to work. However, I didn't have visual voicemail and ANY data access that's not on the Wifi network is billed at per KB rate of 10cents or something..

    Just using a couple of apps proved to be a HUGE mistake since I ended up getting a nearly $100 bill for that month..if I'd just gotten the basic 450 min plan and data plan, I'd paid $65 for the month..

    So be aware and you're better of getting the data plan..


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    You will have to restore the phone. It will ask you to connect to itunes and that is where you will activate the phone on your account.

    ATT will eventually add the data to your account. ATT requires all smartphones to have data package.
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