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    Unhappy iPhone battery discharge too fast
    My iPhone is 6 weeks old. In the last 3 days, I have noticed consistent large rate of discharge of the battery when the phone is not doing anything, i.e. black screen.

    I tried rebooting three times, no change. I looked at Safari, nothing open. The "Do you want to connect with XYZ WiFi" doesn't come up. All I can think of is that I have 100 apps sitting on the phone (to my knowledge none of them open, but maybe I don't know...).

    Will the large number of apps drain battery? Can some of them be either running something in the background or watching for app-updates?

    Sign me mystified and a bit worried.

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    The only app that's allowed to run in the background is iPod. Everything else has to stop once you hit the Home button. Having a large number of apps doesn't drain the battery anymore than having the stock apps only.

    See if you have Push notification enabled for email and other things..that might be causing the phone to "wake up" to get any events but not starting up the screen..

    What is the average duration of your battery discharge..the iPhone isn't something that you can charge once in 3 days or'll end up having to charge it everyday to keep it going..I've managed to go the whole weekend with a single charge mainly by just keeping it to phone conversations..once you start with the apps, internet browsing it'll suck the power.

    The biggest draw of power, for your own information, is the LCD..force the LCD to be on and see how quickly the battery dies..


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    Wednessday I noticed that my battery drained really fast. Usually by the end of the day I have over 40% charge left but on that day it powered itself off by 9PM. It only happened the once so I did not think too much of it.

    If this is a persistent issue for you, make an Apple store appointment. Apple has some monitoring tools that can help you out.

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    Here's some good info on iPhone battery usage :

    Apple - Batteries - iPhone

    hope this helps

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