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Thread: Question about the new "unhackable" 3GS

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    Question about the new "unhackable" 3GS
    A friend of mine is going to the states tomorrow and is hoping to pick up a 3GS with the intention of unlocking it to use in europe. Is there any way of identifying which boxes contain iphones with the old bootrom? Also, can you identify what firmware is on the iphone?

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    as far as I know you can not tell by looking at the box. Besides they do not keep the boxes out where people can touch or look at them

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    Currently all iPhones in the USA are unlockable regardless of bootrom,firmware,OS.
    the current latest modem firmware is 5.11.07 OS 3.1.2 is fully unlockable at the moment.

    this only lasts until a new OS/Firmware update is released.

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    This isn't the days of the original iPhone where that mattered. They are all unlockable now, as bargsbeer said.

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