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Thread: Problems with my iPhone...

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    Problems with my iPhone...
    Hey everyone...

    I've had a 16GB iPhone 3G since they were released in Summer 2008. It was replaced once as the volume switch broke but other than that it's been fine, until now. I first noticed it when apps started running really slow and when I couldn't scroll through my iPod. This kept happening more and more and I found I was rebooting it a few times a day. Last night my iPod completely went and wouldn't open -I had to re-sync it with iTunes just to be able to open it again. It's not like I've on the brink of having no hard drive space either -I've got about 500MB left. I've also noticed a 1 inch crack going up the back from where the cable plugs in. I know it's going to be out of the 12 month warranty but I've been paying that 02 insurance since I got it. I'm wondering whether I should try to get it sorted or just wait it out until my 18 month contract is up in January, i.e. see what apple can do? See if insurance can cover/replace it?

    Can you please advise me. Surely it's not true that they are sold out of 16GB models and that people are getting 8GB replacements? My only worry is that if I try to get it sorted I'll be without an iPhone for some time (I've read there are waiting lists) -would I get a courtesy phone?

    Thanks in advance guys, appreciate it

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    I'd make an appointment with your local Apple Store. The "genius" should be able to do some testing to determine the problem, and offer a solution (usually a repair/replacement).

    I'm on my 2nd iPhone 3G and I have to take this one in to get checked out. I'm just glad my girlfriend wants it, so she's going to take over my current contract.

    I personally haven't heard of 3G shortages, but there have been for teh 3Gs (in Canada at least). Also, for a "courtesy phone," that depends on your provider. Most offer them, but some charge you a fee for it. Not really courteous if you ask me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roksana Charle View Post
    These last few days my 3g iphone has been having problems connecting to the internet,and the apps that go online wont connect either. Im pretty sure its not my phone because three of my coworkers are having the same problem with their iphones.Im using my phone in the usual places i do,nothing new,and just out of nowhere i have no connection these last few days. Is apple having problems with the network or something?
    well for one thing it wouldn't be apple that is having network problems it would be your cell provider. I would call them to find out if they are having issues / going upgrades etc. N your area.

    Hope this helps

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    What exactly is the problem? The crack or the apps running slow?
    Have you tried restoring your phone with out restoring from a backup?

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