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Thread: Question about Itunes Software.

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    Question about Itunes Software.
    I was surfing around a little bit on the internet looking up music and what not and i found a website that lets you download free software for your itunes. I would like to download it but i thought i would first ask if anyone is familiar with the company SoundCrank? I think there site looks good, but i am just leery about downloading anything that is not directly put out by mac. Is it safe to download itunes stuff from a 3rd party company? If anyone knows anything about the downloads on soundcrank i would appreciate the info. Thanks a bunch! <-- this is a creepy smile!

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    If you only ever put applications made by Apple on your Mac, then you'll be missing out on a lot of cool stuff out there. Having said that, I don't imagine there are going to be any issues with this particular plugin, however, it isn't currently available for Mac's yet.

    If you're interested in pulling in lyrics for your mp3's, then check out GimmeSomeTune


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    be mindful of free software for your itunes that is not put out by 3rd parties....and always make sure to backup, backup, backup

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