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    Iphone 3GS - Battery Life
    Hi Folks,
    Good morning!..I am a new member and joined this forum recently since i have switched my phone from a Nokia 6300 to Iphone 3GS (16GB). I should say that this forum is really impressive, coz i was watching/reading this to get a feel for the place.....I am writing to enquire if anybody can advise me on my new I Phone 3GS. I am on O2 network in Dublin, Ireland.
    It’s a month old phone and i can see that i have to charge my phone almost every 30 hours or so.....i am giving the statistics of the phone for your reference....
    Wi-Fi – Off
    3G – Off, Working on Edge
    Fetch – Off
    Brightness – Auto
    Lifetime - 2 Hrs and 33 Minutes
    Current time – 2 hrs and 33 minutes
    Cellular Data – 1.7 MB send and 2.3 MB received.
    Usage – Normally i get about 33 minutes to 35 minutes maximum before next recharge.
    I am really puzzled, is this quite normal with Iphone 3GS....please advise....

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    I have the exact phone. My battery life was really bad in the beginning too. I just let it completely die a few times in a row now I can go maybe 3-4 days on stand by and get around 4-5 hours talk time along with ipod and internet usage thrown in

    maybe it will help if you let it die a few times.


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    Thanks for the advise, i might try to do let the battery drain dead a couple of times before i go for recharge...regards

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    And of course welcome to the forum, unnisuchi.
    It is fun to be here, once you get to know us guys.

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