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    iPhone fell down...

    Something horrible just happened, I was charging my iPhone with my laptop and someone took my laptop without knowing it was charging on the usb port. The phone fell down and now the screen is completely white. I can still receive calls, when it rings I slide approximatively where the slider is and it's ok, it means that the touch screen function is still ok but the display itself is faulty. That's really horrible as this represents a lot of money for me...

    Can you please tell me what are my options?

    Really hope you can help me...


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    Have you tried rebooting it? It's pretty odd that this happened unless it fell from very high or was syncing at the time it was dropped (thus unplugged). If you don't know how to reboot it, hold the home and sleep button at the same time and do not let them go until (if) you see the Apple logo appear on a black screen just as if you were turning it on. Yes you continue to hold it even when it gives you the "Slide to turn off" slider even though you won't be able to see this happen since your screen is white lol. Hope this works. Good luck.
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    Yep tried rebooting, instead of the apple logo it's the white screen...

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    i guess tell the person who grabbed the laptop to get you a new iphone....i heard iphone 3GS isnt a bad idea hehe

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    Sounds like the display cable came loose or disconnected.

    A free way of fixing this (but will require your time) is to open up your Iphone (there are guides everywhere) and make sure the cable is securly connected.

    Or you can take it to the Apple store and have them do it for you but they will probably charge for this type of service.


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