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    Unable to use bluetooth even with 0S's 3.0 and 3.1

    I've got a ipod 2g, and installed iphone os 3.0 some time back, there were these options for bluetooth. It used to get detected but never able to pair it up either with my mobile or with my mac

    Then upgraded the software to 3.1. Now I can't even detect my ipod with the other systems.

    Please help!

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    The iPod Touch Bluetooth is restricted to something called A2DP, which only allows the audio to be sent from your Touch to a Bluetooth device that can accept the audio, Bluetooth headphones for example.

    You cannot send anything else via the Bluetooth, nor can it accept anything incoming, so you cannot sync an iPod Touch with another one, or a PC/Mac.

    The Bluetooth feature has obviously been added by Apple so that we can use Bluetooth headphones, but to ensure that copyright restrictions are not broken, nothing else can be done on the Bluetooth.

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    Is this a setting that can be changed with software upgrades, or is it a hardware issue that we're stuck with. Basically, I find it absolutely ridiculous that I can use my old phone to connect to my 'Apple' Mac and upload photos, videos etc, yet I can't even connect my 'Apple' iPhone 3G to my 'Apple' Mac. Yeah, copyright and all that, but seriously ..........

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