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    Tripped Water Sensor
    So, the other day I decided to install an invisibleSHIELD on my newly purchased iPhone 3GS. I came across an article today that talked about the sensitivity of the water indicator stripes located in the headphone jack and in the dock connector. As soon as I read this article, I grabbed my phone and a flashlight, and began to look for any damage. First I looked down the headphone jack, and was delighted to see a white indicator strip, meaning no damage was present. However, when I checked the dock connector, my heart sank as the dim light revealed the pink strip. Now, to be honest, I DO NOT think the install of the IS caused this, because I was very very careful to wipe up the solution. However, I have a very sweaty body which could have set off the sensors (seriously, like sweat drips off my hands. At work, my legs sweat bad, and my phone is always in my pocket). The problem is, I have recently had Apple replace several screens for me due to the massive amounts of dust under the screen of my phone. I'm quite worried now to take it in for anything as I am worried my precious warranty will be voided. If only one sensor is tripped, does Apple just let it go? Any other comments?

    Sorry for the wall of text and thanks for any answers ahead of time


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    I know a guy who' water sensor turned pink from steam in the bathroom from the shower. most likely Apple will void the warranty unless you get a "Genius" who is cool. Another option is go on ebay and buy a replacement sensor and put it in.

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    Glad to hear I still have hope. The only problem with my 3GS now is dust under the screen. So if thats all that I ever get, then all is well. Does anyone know the replacement cost of a 16 GB 3GS? I'm just wondering

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