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    On a limited data plan (prepaid SIM) -- when does iPhone access internet?
    I bought an O2 SIM card in Germany yesterday and successfully got both the phone and data working on my unlocked phone. I had 15 Euros credit on it. Today I have no credit.. I'm trying to figure out how I could have used up all of my credit so quickly. The only thing I can think of is if my phone might be constantly connecting to the internet via the phone service. Does the iPhone access the internet even when the screen is off? Even when no apps are open? Even if there's wifi available? I'm trying to figure out if there is there any way I could have been connected for many hours yesterday without realizing it?
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    I'm pretty sure that is the case, i think that is why AT&T MAKES you get a data plan, its required with the iphone, im no expert though, good luck figuring it out

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    I think that is correct. Just make sure when you are not using your phone for the internet, go to your Settings App> Wi-Fi> and switch it off. This might solve your problem. If not I would call your carrier.
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    Make sure you disable Push functionality which will cause the iPhone to talk to servers for can also switch it into Airplane mode to kill the cell part (I believe Wifi dies as well) to prevent it from getting out.

    The iPhone was designed to have ready access to the Internet through Wifi or cell, so unless you turn it off or go into Airplane mode, it can talk to the servers anytime it wants and use up credits.


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