I had two large emails saved as drafts on my me.com imap account. I forgot to send them before I left the house and then while on the go pulled them up on my iphone in the drafts folder and then selected to send each.
The odd thing is it showed it started sending at the left side of the send bar and then stopped and acted like it was sent. Then at the bottom of my email there was a small notice that the email was in the outbox. It seemed like maybe it went to the outbox and just got stuck there.
The problem is I contacted both people I sent the emails to to ask if they got it and both said they got the email and had the subject line but no text in it. Yet I can't find the emails to resend. I logged into me.com, used me.com on my email, and on the iphone and viewed all folders and don't even see an outbox folder and can't find it. I don't want to lose these two emails. Is there any way I could retrieve them or a place I may find it?