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    wifi wont connect to certain networks...
    so heres some backstory to this problem. I have a 3GS jailbroken 3.0.1. i have a router at home and I connect just fine via wifi. I also go to college. My college has a campus-wide wifi network. It does not use a network password, but once u try to use the web it will redirect you to a school login page where you put in student info, but the network
    itself is not passworded. Anyway it has worked great forever but in the last few days i cant connect to my school wifi! its so annoying. It shows up in available networks list, and when i choose it it doesnt connect, but it doesnt say "unable to join" or any type of message. The annoying thing is my girlfriends 2G iphone running 3.0.1 can connect to the school wifi just fine, so can my Macbook, and other friends' iPhones... what could be the problem?

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    have you tried to reset the network settings? I was having a similar problem My phone would not connect to my home wifi, but my wifes will.

    i found the steps searching the web

    do the following

    go to settings > general > scroll down to the bottom where it says reset, click reset.

    then select the Reset NETWORK Settings
    a nasty red warning come up, but you will want to continue, because you are ONLY resetting the NETWORK settings. the phone will power cycle then come back up. try reconnecting and see if that fixed it.

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