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Thread: Verizon - iPhone (i d k what topic to put this in)

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    Verizon - iPhone (i d k what topic to put this in)
    Hey i know Verizon has CDMA network...however this summer verizon is switching to G4 new technology..

    will the iphone now be able to work on verizon once they get away of CDMA?

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    Thread moved to more appropriate forum. Please read before posting in Rumors & Reports.
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    I am thinking the same. I feel verizon might be seeing the light.

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    Verizon is slowly transitioning to the LTE network, which is based on the GSM standard rather than the CDMA standard. AT&T and T-Mobile are also going to be upgrading to LTE, though that move is not going to happen for many years. While one of the advantages of the LTE technology is that it is backwards compatible with current 3G technology, I somehow doubt you'll be able to easily port the existing iPhone over to the new Verizon network since LTE will be using a different frequency than what the iPhone is designed to work on. Who knows though, we'll have to wait and see when Verizon rolls it out next summer.

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    I thought we just had a thread about this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric559 View Post
    I thought we just had a thread about this?
    We did. The idea of using the search feature is lost on many.

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    i dont think verizon will switch to GSM or HSPDA for a while.... they DO have the money to swap, but in some areas i believe they still have the legacy 1X RTT network and on top of that the cost of making customers swap devices to get a GSM vs. a CDMA will be a hassle.

    Honestly, Verizon always has their own OS they put on every device and IMO screw up and lock down the capabilities of each handset they sell. Apple and AT&T's exclusive contract is working great cause of the fact, AT&T wants the phone and doesn't care what is on the device and lets Apple do what they want pretty much.

    Ive fought the Verizon battle, still have a verizon phone for work , but my iPhone through AT&T is for personal use, so im on both ends of the field and have experience with both parties.

    Anyways, anything is possible, only time will tell

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