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    Unhappy iPhone Water Damage Replacement ?
    Hi all-

    My iPhone got dunked in liquid. Everything works fine except the backlight on the screen. Phone operates, messaging works, etc. The lack of a backlight makes it difficult to use, so I want to get a replacement.

    The part that makes me somewhat nauseous is that I got the thing 3 weeks ago, it is a 32gb 3GS. I called the local Apple Store and they told me about a $199 replacement policy they have in place for water damage.

    I only spoke to the woman briefly and forgot to mention that it is a 32gb 3GS. Does anyone know if the $199 policy covers the 3GS, or the 32gb model for that matter?

    Many thanks!

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    My guess is that it's $199 no matter what model.

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    I believe Murlyn is right, I too heard that it's $ 199 for whatever iPhone, but I also understand that this means you are getting a refurbished or out of warranty one? I have no direct experience in this sense, but I do have a fresh water-damage disaster covered by my house insurance.

    Naturally, I was told tough luck at the O2 store, but I just spoke to my insurance broker and he told me that my house insurance covers the phone too and I will get a replacement for the £ 50 excess stipulated in my policy. And that's a lot better than the £ 400 I was quoted this morning when I dragged myself to the O2 people to hear the tune I already knew. I struggled to keep the Starbucks down, believe me.
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