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    Iphone screen cracked, home button not working
    Hey guys

    Had a small incident today involving my iphone and a 20kg dumbell, here goes:

    Was doing weights in the gym today and the phone fell out my pocket (unknowingly) and after i finished my set, i dropped the dumbell on the corner of my iphone which has cracked the screen and the home button no longer works.

    The acutall funtionality of the iphone is fine. Can write texts, make calls, check emails etc etc. I brought my phone from O2 last December and i don't have insurance (yes i know i'm a prat). In anyones expierence with a cracked screen/home button not working, how much am i looking for a repair?

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    You will most likely have to pay full retail price if you go to the Apple store or to O2.

    Third-party repairs have different price ranges. You can also try and do it yourself. A Google search should give you answers.
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    Trouble is i don't know what i've broken because the home button dnt work neither. It looks asif i've cracked just the LCD, the acutal top layer of glass looks ok. Like i say, all the functions work fine, can use the phone the same as i could before i smashed it, bar the home button not working and a messed up display.

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    im afraid you need a new one for that matter as it will cost you more when you repair it than buy a new one...

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    Went to the apple store today, cost me £139 (about $250) for a replacement, had to give them my old one. So all in all not to bad really, considering they gave me a 16 gig one when my old one was 8 gig

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