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    iPhone 3G S Touch Screen Lock Up and Correction
    Hi All, I have an iPhone 3G S. Like anyone who has been around technology for a while, I generally avoid a new product in its first few months after release, letting other people take the pain of working out the launch bugs in the product. In the case of the iPhone 3G S I made an exception to my rule and pre-ordered. I got mine the day of product release.

    Big mistake. Shortly after I got it, I started noticing the touch screen just "locking up" - it would stop responding. I would have to turn the display off and then back on (not the whole iPhone, just the display) to get it to respond again. Sometimes, if I waited 30s or more, it would just spontaneously come back to life. At first I thought it was just a software bug, but it kept getting worse and worse, until I could never use the phone for more than a few minutes without it locking. I came to dread using this once wonderful device.

    I finally decided that I had to take it back to Apple. Happily, there is an Apple Store right in my area and I went in and made an appointment at the Genius Bar. The long and the short of it is that Apple did right by me, and very gracefully too. With "no muss, no fuss", they simply replaced the phone and gave me a new one. They tested it of course, quickly determined that it had some form of hardware problem and gave me a new one. It is unfortunate to have had to put up with the original issue, but I was delighted with Apple's customer service.

    So, if your new iPhone 3G S is experiencing lockup, don't wait for a software up issue to fix it. Take it back. It appears to be a hardware problem, very solvable with a new device. I have had ZERO issues with the new phone. It is a wonderful device.
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    thats nice to hear bud, i understand apple is very accomodating when it come to issues like this...i agree with you, 3gs is wonderful device i love the day i bought mine last month and so far zero issue, though i did not yet update my OS to 3.1 as i read so many people issue on the update version though, OS 3.0 is fine fast and instantaneous...

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