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    What would cause the Iphone to not turn on?
    this morning my iphone was working perfectly fine battery was at 85%
    i used it for a lil then put it back in my pocket. when i took it back out just now it would not turn on. i held down the home button held down the sleep button-nothing

    then i decided to just restart it by holding home and sleep together and then lo and behold the silver apple logo came on (abnormally long though? maybe more than a minute) and proceeded to start as normal

    my question is this a foreshadow of more problems to come? my iphone is relatively new got it in june . what would cause something like this? is it normal?

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    Jailbroken? Recent Apps Install from App Store, Cydia, or Icy? What were you using before you put it down?

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    Sometimes the iPods and Iphones do this.

    If something wrong actually happens, then there is an issue.

    For now do not worry and enjoy your iPhone.

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    I have had times where it looks like the phone is off but its just locked up on a black screen you can usually tell if you are in a dark room as there will be some bleed-through from the backlight, A simple reset as you did usually fixes the problem. I find the problem is usually a App that crashed the iphone didn't take you back to the spring board.

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    Might be a battery issue, maybe the iPhone misinterpreted the battery state and went in standby-mode. I had this when my battery was almost completely run-out. I had to plug in my charger before I could do anything else.
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