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    Can I Get the iPhone 3GS with the Upgrade Price?
    My cousin bought an iPhone first gen the day it came out, gave it to my dad after my cousin purchased the 3G when it came out then my dad gave it to me after he got the 3G for his birthday, or anniversary or something. I've had the phone for about 5 months now but the phone has just been past down since my cousin bought it on the release date. So is there anyway that I'm able to buy the 3GS with the upgrade price of 200? Or is there going to be a new iPhone in January?

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    No one knows when there will be a new iPhone.

    My guess - Highly unlikely there will be one in January.

    Call AT&T and ask. You can also check by going to your account online.
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    How long has your Line been open. The only way you are going to get the $199 price is if your line has been in service between 20-24 months or out of contract. There is no exception to this rule other than for the main line. Best to check with AT&T to see if your eligible. If you are not you are not, IF you have to wait till Next year, your best bet is to wait it out till June to see if a new iPhone will come out.

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