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    iphone 3g lcd replacement
    Had a bad lcd and bought a replacement off ebay. Did the repair slowly and carefully, following videos online.
    The replacement did not work and the lcd did not power on. But I know that i didnt damage it any further because when i plug in the iphone through usb it vibrated twice as always.
    So now i have an iphone that is powered on but no screen to see anything.

    I took apart and reconnected all the cables again to make sure they were securely and correctly placed. It still did not work.

    Does the phone need to be off for the lcd replacement to work? Meaning if I connected the cables while the phone was on, would the lcd produce an image right away?

    or Did I get a faulty replacement?

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    did you get it to work ?

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    I think you should not do it on, there's a very good chance of damaging the LCD controller...

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