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    iPhone goes from 3G to GRPS only when making calls...
    Hey all,
    My iPhone 3G appears to get 3G reception at my house, with indicator icon showing the 3G symbol and generally having at least 3 or 4 bars. I'm able to browse the web with it at what seem to be 3G speeds, and I'm able to download apps from the app store perfectly fine over the apparent 3G connection.

    But, anytime I make a phone call on it, the 3G symbal immediately changes to a circle symbol, which, as I've read, indicates that it dropped to GPRS, and my call quality gets reduced to almost unbearable levels.

    I've reset all Network settings, and have also done a full out factory restore.

    It used to get fairly decent reception, but it seems like one of the recent updates changed that (possibly the 3.0 update, but I'm not completely sure what the timing was).

    I live in Mississippi, USA, if that matters.

    Anyone else experience this, or come across a potential fix?

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    there is absolutely no difference between a 3G voice call or a GPRS call.

    more than likely what happened is ATT changed a call quality setting to make the phone drop down to GPRS/GSM for call quality during a voice call.

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    Quote Originally Posted by james515 View Post
    there is absolutely no difference between a 3G voice call or a GPRS call.
    I'm pretty sure there is a difference.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric559 View Post
    I'm pretty sure there is a difference.

    nope, voice is voice, its all compressed the same way on cellular networks, 2g, 3g there is no difference

    with 3G voice is a low priority function on the radio, when the data demand on a cell tower increases, the voice calls are dropped down to gprs to make more capacity available for the data on the radio's in the cell tower.

    on 2G voice and edge use the radios equally

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