Hello everybody, i noticed a strange noise coming out of my iPhone 3g. The noise soung like a mosquito. You don't hear that noise if you listen music, playing ect. You can hear it ONLY if iPhone is near your ear, i mean, if you hold iPhone in hands, you dont hear it, and if you touch the iPhone with your ear ( like you speak with somebody on iPhone) you can hear it. Yeah, and that strange noise is coming FROM INSIDE (area where the Apple is situated). I was listening to the speaker, which is lower and i could hear just little noise, and if i listen upper, its getting louder. I think that's the battery or lcd (not sure) or speaker(don't think so). So could you examine your iPhone for noises and tell if you have same thing, and what could that be, that buzzy noise? P.S the iPhone is never dropped in water or on the ground.

UPDATE: that noise reproduces ONLY if screen brightness is very low, above 20%