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    Anyone use Otter Box Defender iPhone Case?
    The Otter Box Defender is one of the larger but apparently more protective cases for the iPhone 3G/3Gs. If you have/use it do you like it? One question for users of this case - does the part of the case that touches the iPhone scratch it or do you think it will potentially over time? Is that part hard plastic or soft material?

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    I have also been eying this case. I am torn between this one and the CapsuleRebel.

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    I could be wrong, but I believe carrying a large wooden box, with an actual otter and your iPhone inside it, would take up less space.
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    I have both the Otterbox Defender and Capsule Rebel, as well as the Capsule Rebel Serpent.

    I love the Otterbox and the protection, I almost use it on a regular basis but sometimes I just like a slimmer case and use my Rebel. I mainly use my Otterbox when I go on longer mountain bike rides or when I am hiking.

    I like my Capsule Rebel Serpent more than the regular Rebel. The textured spine feels nice in the hand and doesn't scratch up as much as the regular Rebel spine's do. The Rebel offers really good protection too.

    The Defender and Rebel Serpent are probably my two favorite cases.

    Also, if you get a Defender, buy a Power Support anti glare shield and put that on first, then put on the Defender, you won't get any of that "watermark" effect people complain about.
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    The Otterbox Defender, is in my opinion, the most protection you can get for your money. I have had a couple cases and this one is the best designed for protection. It does add a little more bulk than some of the vanity cases, but it is worth it. If you ever drop your phone while it is in a Defender, you will not urinate on yourself.

    As far as watermarks on the screen goes, you can fix those watermarks with a very fine layer of baby powder. It does the trick. Just look up the details of Google or YouTube!

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    yes i have iphone otter box defender case.

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    I just put in my recommendation in another thread, but more broad regarding cases and I'll throw it in here too...

    I have a Defender, as well as the other 10 people in my company - they are IMO the best case out there for protection, durability and functionality. They aren't too obtrusive either - I used to have a belt clipped treo650 and this still feels smaller and lighter when on the belt. The case is perfect in every way - with the exception of the data port opening is limited to cables of the Apple size. By that I mean good luck finding a car charger, or accessory outside of the Apple brand that will fit into the opening - or any dock stations - all those become useless with the case.

    Another note: it is not THAT difficult to get in and out of the case as some videos depict. One guy struggles with it for about 4 minutes in a tutorial and once I got mine I laughed because it takes no more than 60 seconds from start to finish.

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    I have one and I love it. Very protective!

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    I have one and like it a lot
    I have the Otter Defender case and it is awesome. My kids drop my phone occasionally and it has held up pretty well. I also like the fact that it can handle a bit of water situation as well.

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    I just received my Otterbox Defender case last week and think it's very good. Has good protection. Mainly got it for my kids when they start playing with my iPhone. I expect them to drop it.

    The clip rides a little high on my waist, but I could live with that (or maybe I'll just loose some weight). Took me a couple of minutes to figure out how to open the case. I bought it from eBay so it didn't come with instructions.
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    Wink Otter case
    Love it ! the best protector you can buy right now.

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    I just bought my third iPhone in two years. In a last ditch-effort to preserve my sanity, my brother bought me an Otter Box. It is large and somewhat clunky, but it seems like the right solution for an accident-prone person like me.

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    I have both the Otter box defenders for my iPhone 4 and my iPad. I love both of them. They seem to offer the best protection from just about everything. They do add some bulk to both devices though, but the trade off of bulk for protection is worth it in my opinion.


    Edit* I thought about it, if Otter box offered a case for my MBP I would probably have that as well.

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    I use the Otterbox Defender which offers excellent protection. However, the included Holster is not to my liking, as it uses detents to hold the phone. Using a Holster made by Seidio, for their Rugged Series case. Excellent combo.

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    I had the Defender on my 3G and as soon as it became available for the iPhone4 I got it as well.

    I agree, it's a big bulky but the protection it offers is amazing. My phone looks brand new when I take it out of the case (typically to show people how the defender case works).

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