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Thread: Why NOT to buy from ghost armor

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    Why NOT to buy from ghost armor
    Thought I would share my horrible experience with Ghost Armor since there are others to choose from you are better served to go with them.
    I placed an order with them for a iphone skin to compare with bodygardz but it was a short comparison. I never got my ghost armor product. After many emails they are unwilling to help and unwilling to ship another product. Its a total nightmare and the complete opposite experience I had with Bodygardz and best skins ever. Don't get me wrong I don't blame them for it getting lost in the mail but I do blame them for being unwilling to help in the slightest or send a replacement. They definitely won't be getting my business ever again. I already filed a claim with my CC and hopefully my experience helps someone else avoid a shady and uncooperative company.

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    I never even heard of that company until you mentioned them.

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    I've got a similar experience with ghost armor so I went for gadgetshieldz full body protection this time. Must say I'm very happy with it. Got a no-fuss mail from them with an envelope carrying the shield. Followed instructions found on the web, made a solution out of water and shampoo and thats about it. I feel more comfortable handling my Iphone now.

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    Where can I get Ghost Armor in North Jersey?

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