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    iPhone 3GS not seen by iTunes. HELP
    I have a MacBook Pro Unibody, with the latest iTunes.
    My 3GS suddenly stopped being recognised by iTunes.

    So to troubleshoot:

    1. I tested the Phone with IPhoto: It sees the phone.
    2. I tested the Phone on Windows Machine: It sees the phone.
    3. I tested another 3G (not S) on the Mac, it sees it fine.
    4. I reinstalled iTunes on the Mac, made NO difference.
    5. I rebuild the phone/restored it: NO difference.
    6. I tested different cables: NO difference.
    7. I tested other USB Ports, NO difference.

    The phone charges OK.

    What am I missing?
    I have no other Mac to test it on......

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    Maybe it's time for a trip to an Apple store for some help...

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