Hello everyone.

I have a Macbook with no firewire ports. I figured out how to make a slide show movie and burn it to a dvd and so on. I have a bunch of old tapes from my Elura 100 so I figured it would be great to put them on a DVD. I connected my Elura to my computer using the USB port on the side but it didn't recognize a thing. After a bit of research I found out you have have to use the firewire port for transfering video and the USB for transfering stills taken with the camcorder.

This makes sens since on the side it says (dv) beside the firewire.

Am I screwed? I was really looking forward to getting my mac for this reason. Perhaps there is a firewire to USB cable.

Anyone run into this.

realized this is in the wrong section. Could someone move it to the appropriate place?