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    How to remove 3g chrome bezel?
    Anyone remove the bezel from the back plate? Im doing this on a friends Iphone 3g. I have the entire phone broken down, but cannot for the life of me figure out how the chrome bezel is attached to the back black piece.
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    I can say you have pretty much screwed up your friends iPhone, but why would you want to remove it?

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    go here: they have every whcih way you can dissasemble and reassemble the phone....look under the "rear panel" section there and it should tell you:

    iPhone 3G Repair

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    Looks from the ifxit directions is glued in place. Not sure if its even possible to remove it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noxian View Post
    Looks from the ifxit directions is glued in place. Not sure if its even possible to remove it.
    It is glued. If you squeeze the long edges the glue will crack and you will be able to get a spudger in the crack while applying pressure. You can then gently pry the bezel off. Carefully clean the old glue off with a blade. Use 5 minute Araldite to glue it back - it stays a bit soft. Be sure to polish any excess off immediately with paper towel.


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