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    how is the video recorded different for 3G and 3G S?
    iPhone 3G S can take video. the iPhone 3G can take video if it is jailbroken too... but I wonder what's the video quality difference?

    how about frame rate and video sizes and format? thanks.

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    The 3GS has a better quality camera and native video support, therefore presumably it takes better quality videos than the 3G.

    However, I will leave it to someone else to provide technical details.

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    Here's a video I found on youtube. The 3GS is much better.

    YouTube - 3G[S] VS Cycorder - Video Camera Quality Comparison - (3GS VS 3G)

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    from what i heard the 3G will only do 15 fps (frames per second) and the 3GS will do 30 so besides the 1.7 more mp ( mega pixels ) it will just do better videos
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