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    weird low battery warning
    when my iphone battery gets low instead of saying you have 10% or what ever left it comes out with some rediculouse number like 263748428482429%. can some one tell me what i could do to fix that...

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    Trying reseting it by holdin the home and sleep/wake button for a few seconds. See if that helps
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    That will just take a picture. How long has this been going on? When was the last time you had a normal battery warning?

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    Quote Originally Posted by leopard-user1 View Post
    That will just take a picture. How long has this been going on? When was the last time you had a normal battery warning?
    You don't know iPhones very well do you?

    Pressing both buttons at the same time will take a photo. Pressing AND HOLDING both buttons for a few seconds will switch the phone off. Hold it until the apple logo appears again and it will reset the phone. It doesn't delete anything but can sort problems out

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