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    hi guys,
    i am new to mac forums and so don't know how to start my own question so i'm posting on this one.
    i am getting an american iphone 3gs on at&t in a week and i wanted to ask a few questions.
    i am on vodafone in the uk and have unlimited internet on my contract. i was wondering if i need to unlock the iphone before it works with my vodafone simcard and how do i do that?
    also, once i unlock it, will safari browser work on my iphone? and do i need to change some settings to make it work? how do i do that?
    and, will all the applications on the iphone work once i've done this? for example, will i be able to download things from the app store and the itunes store?
    finally, what are the things i need to consider with software updates etc? i've been told that if you unlock your iphone and then try to update the software, then it can block the iphone, sometimes permanently. is this true?
    sorry to bombard you guys with all these questions. its just that i'm really confused.

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    Hi Tom, I take it you are going to be using your phone in the UK and US?AT&T do not allow the device to be unlocked same as with o2 in the UK.
    Unlocking the phone is against the terms of service and if done via jail-breaking will void you warranty. If you need an unlocked iPhone then you can purchase one if you have £900 to spend. Otherwise you can order or buy from France which sells them unlocked from the orange shop at i think around €500.
    If you did buy it unlocked then usually you will receive a text message that will configure your carrier settings automatically which will allow you to use the web using mobile data. Otherwise the settings can be found from your carrier and you can input them manually.
    The app store will still work for you either through mobile data, wifi or by downloading them on your computer.
    Updating the legitimate software will remove the jail break until the jailbreak team have found away to jailbreak the firmware.
    Personally I would stay away from jail breaking.
    I hope this helps a little
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    so if i get this right nirvana if i go and buy a iphone from france i will be able to use it on vodafhone (in england) without the need to jailbrake? and i can update it and run it with a vodafone sim officaly within the terms and condictions?

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