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    Exclamation iPhone 3GS very thin cracks
    I have an iPhone 3GS 32GB White that is five days old and i have noticed that around the speaker and microphone and around the sim tray there are very small cracks. At first i thought it was the plastic but after a closer inspection with the help of a magnifying glass i found that is the shiny coating that has developed the cracks.The cracks are very thin but under day light you can spot them. Does anyone else noticed this on their iPhone 3GS black or white?

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    Well according to Mac these cracks and burn marks that people talk about on the net etc are just lies.

    there.....mac think your a liar !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dad2b View Post
    Well according to Mac these cracks and burn marks that people talk about on the net etc are just lies.

    there.....mac think your a liar !!
    I am assuming that by Mac you mean Apple and I don't believe Apple has commented on this problem so saying that are calling their consumers liars is extremely hard to believe as it is neither professional nor is there evidence to back up that statement.
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    I've had these cracks appear on my 16gb white 3GS. Made a Genius appointment and they swapped it without issue.

    The O2 forums (UK) are full of these issue. Seems fairly common I'm afraid.

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    Guy at work here had the same problem last year with a 3G, apple swapped it no questions asked.

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    I have had mine for five days and can't see any cracks however I have seen over the web that many people are having the same problem.
    What i can see being a problem is how tight the usb connector is, when i am removing or connecting it the two metal grippers on each side grind against the plastic.
    I would contact either the shop you purchased it from or Apple they are usually very good when it comes to customer support.
    All i hope is that this is not going to be another issue like with the white Macbooks where the plastic is always cracking every few months right up until the warranty is over and you are left with a cracked device.
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