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    3gs stereo speakers
    So I got my 3gs today, but realised that only one of the two speakers on the bottom of the phone actually works.

    Anyone else had this, do you need to activate stereo speaker playback or something? Or I guess its back to the store to get another...

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    Thats because the other speaker isn't a speaker, its a microphone, Ace. How did you think people you talk to on the phone hear your voice?


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    koolpenguin is correct. One is a speaker, the other is the microphone.

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    Dec 30, 2008
    Cheshire, UK
    Aluminium (al-oo-min-e-um) 2.4ghz, 250gb, 2gb DDR3 MB
    Fair enough but mics on many phones are tiny little holes, not great gaping gaps that look like ity should be a speaker.

    And it it is only the one why do they call them stereo speakers?

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