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    Arrow Bottom Line compare/contrast of iphone 3g and 3gs
    I am totally happy with my iphone 3g but my sister is about to have her contract up for extension and wanted to move into the smartphone world. She isn't that techy and knows that i am so she was just gonna get the 3gs and take my 3g and i pay her half the cost.

    Anyway i was just wondering what the facts about the 3gs were from users who actually have this phone and not all the literature that makes it sounds like gods gift to the world. Not to bash anything i just appreciate honest costumer reviews over articles.

    I have herd that there is a faster processer, better camera, and the new 3gs which is supposed to be a faster network then 3g. But as far as battery, stability( ie programs,apps,games,etc), network speed and connectivity and whatever else you may find important to comment about. Im really just wondering if its really a signifigent change that is woth me spending money on when i am already pretty happy with the trusty old 3g model.

    Thanks in advance for any opinions/comments on this everyone.

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    From a non-geek point of view, the only feature someone is likely to care about is the camera. The camera in the 3GS blows the old one away, so if your sister likes to take a lot of cell phone shots, she will appreciate this. Other than that, she is not likely to notice many of the other changes from the 3G to the 3GS, so consider saving the money.

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    From the techy geek point of view(which i am) is there any big differences that i would enjoy going from the 3g iphone other then the camera?

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    It has faster hardware under the hood, so you'll enjoy a more responsive phone. Then there's the built in compass, so you'll enjoy that as both a standalone application and the feature as part of Google Maps. Next up is the built in video camera in addition to the higher quality camera itself. You can take and edit videos right on your iPhone. Finally, there's the voice command feature where you can control your iPhone via simple voice commands.

    Those are essentially the features solely available on the 3GS. The rest of the features that came with 3.0 are available on the 3G.

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