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Thread: iPhone Silent/Mute Switch Problem

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    iPhone Silent/Mute Switch Problem
    On my iphone the switch to activate silence mode is broken, we pushing it back into silence mode nothing happens, you have to pull it forward in order to make it activate silent mode. This is half way been the two and of course will not stay in that position. This makes it impossible for me to activate the silent mode on my phone.

    Having taken it back to the store and it being sent away, the retailer is citing "water damage" as the reason it no longer works and advise me it is not covered under warrenty. I do not believe it is water damage, it has never come into contact with water!

    Any ideas chaps? Your advice would be greatly appreciated! Cheers.

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    hmm, had the same problem on my 1st gen iphone were the switch was completely broken and would not stay in position. Also it was never in contact with any water either but dropping it is what did it for me i guess.

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    Was it Apple that said they wont repair it? If not I would give them a ring.

    And if Apple wont fix it, check out they carry the parts to repair the switch yourself.

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