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    iPhone 3G incase cover issue with screen guard?
    Hello, all. I'm new to the forums, and was wanting to know:

    -Has anyone successfully used a screen guard with their incase slider iPhone cover?

    I had a great reflective (one-way mirror) screen guard that I really loved, but when I added the incase protective cover, I couldn't seem to put the case on without getting bubbles on the edge of the screen guard. I finally conceded to taking the screen guard off until I could figure it out.

    I love how tight-fitting the incase cover is, but I'd really like to have a screen guard on their as well.

    Much apreesh for your help!

    -The Machine-o

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    Oct 22, 2008
    the only two screen protectors that seem to work for me with the incase are the set they sell at the apple store and the front from invishield.

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    I purchased one from the Apple Store and had the same problem. I just left the Incase Slider on without the screen protector.

    Doing fine so far.
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