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    Is it gonna be of any use ever again?
    This is probably the most pointless question ever asked in the entire world about the iphone, but coz of my OCD (I don't think I really have it tho) I am gonna ask!

    The piece of plastic that was on the SIM tray, the one you replace your SIM with when activate the iphone, is that ever gonna be useful again after? Coz when I took out my iphone, the staff just got rid of it and I was over excited with the new iphone, so didn't stop her! And now I am not sure if I am ever gonna need that piece of "SIM shape" plastic. If it will ever be useful, I might pop in next time when in the area to ask for one, but if it's absolutely useless, then I won't be bother!

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    don't worry, you won't need it, just a piece of plastic

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